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How this Web Business Coaching & Internet Marketing Consulting Service Was Born

"How did you get into web business coaching and providing an internet marketing consulting service?" Clients ask this all the time... Well, I’m happy to share a bit about my background :-)

"Do what you love and get paid for it" is a mantra I've always lived by.

For more than a decade I have coached solopreneurs on how to turn their expertise and passion into online profits. As soon as I discovered SBI! as the most solid, secure and suitable platform for building a profitable online business, Site Build It! mentoring has become a big part of my services.

So whether you are a coach, a solo practitioner, or a small business owner wanting more clients and an ever-growing residual online income, I will guide you through.

The internet marketing consulting service I provide at Brainy Websites offers a wide range of practical approaches for attracting new leads through the internet.

From optimum positioning for your specific niche and using the right mix of online tools, to creating a structured web business plan, your own info products, and a profitable website, you will master it all.

Prior to my internet marketing consulting service, I've spent 18 years as a solo professional and a business owner first in the design industry, then in the health care field, and ultimately, in the self growth & small business development arena.

An Unconventional Path To My Internet Marketing Consulting Service

You know how some people’s lives seem to follow a smooth, linear course? Not mine.

My life changed profoundly when I decided to move abroad and leave my comfortable lifestyle as a fashion designer in Bucharest, Romania’s beautiful capital city, shown in these pictures at the left.

Tempted to experience the "New World", learn new things and live by the ocean, I moved to Canada's West Coast leaving behind family, friends, and deep-rooted traditions.

My path wasn’t always smooth... Partying-till-morning fun and playing bridge were over. Overnight, all familiar rules became irrelevant; if I was to - not merely survive, but thrive again - I would have to learn new rules... fast. I knew that the only things I get to control were my own thoughts, attitude, and how I was spending my time.

After a few years of hard work, specialized training and licensing exams, I became a board-certified health care professional and a small business owner. I had a couple of nicely framed papers hanged on the wall and a powerful drive for excellence - delivered on time.

What I was missing however, was a network, business management and marketing skills.

I made every possible marketing mistake, including the costly ones; then went on and made some more.
But I kept learning, adjusting, and overcoming every challenge. I used to have a sticker on my car that said, "I’m always in trouble but it’s so much fun!"... I remember being quite proud of it.

They were saying I was successful. They were calling me "tough cookie".

Then, one day I woke up suspecting two things hard to admit: 1) I didn’t have a life beyond working non-stop and 2) I was far from feeling fulfilled.

Back then, I didn’t have the slightest clue on my future web business coaching and internet marketing consulting service...

Didn’t think too long. I transitioned my clients to a trusted colleague, packed my bags and drove East. Ottawa, then a Middle East sabbatical, then Montreal - had been good choices that helped me refine my life goals.

Over the next few years I threw myself headfirst into personal growth and dogma-free spiritual practice... I resumed my older studies on less common concepts - from energy therapies and emotional healing to how our brain works, what’s beyond words, resolving inner conflicts, and how we continually attract what we focus on most of the time - whether we like it, or not.

I ended up with more pieces of paper certifying that I've mastered additional skills and tools: Counselling, Personal & Business Coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Core Dynamics, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Alpha-Mind Programming.

Together, they were a powerful mix that helped me become an effective Life Coach guiding people to define personal goals, break through limiting beliefs and live passionately, on purpose.

But something vital was missing... again. A couple of years in the new millennium, the emerging web technologies were all Greek to me.

Out of frustration I went on and learned about the Internet, Search Engines, e-commerce, infopreneurship, social networking, and building profitable websites.

After many trials, I eventually found the expert guidance and mentoring that made everything fall into place.

My Web Business Coaching & Internet Marketing Consulting Service Was Born

More experienced, I’ve selected the right online marketing tools that allowed me to add the web dimension to my coaching business. Now, most of my clients find me online.
More importantly, I enjoy an ever-growing residual income from my ventures in online marketing that allow me to work less hours and fewer days per week.

If I can do it, so can you!

I have always got my kicks from mastering innovative things; that's why I'm stretching the limits of my knowledge and skills every day, constantly building on what I’ve learnt from popular mentors like Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Milana Leshinsky, Ken Evoy - to name just a few.

They inspire me to turn challenges into opportunities and continue to grow, share my gifts and teach. My true reward is the JOURNEY and I passionately love every single step of it.
Today, all my learning is distilled in my web business coaching and reflected in my internet marketing consulting service.

How is this relevant to YOU? Trust me, it is.

It enables you to benefit from tested, proven strategies of building a profitable web business and generating an ever-growing Residual Online Income (ROI).

The knowledge and experience I am able to share with you may be just what you need. But there are only so many hours in the day for all of us, so obviously, I can’t work with everyone...

If you are willing to ‘show up’ and do the work required to create your success and if you feel we might be a good fit, contact me!

Let me know how my web business coaching and internet marketing consulting service can help you build an income-generating online business.
Provide as many details as possible and I’ll respond to you, whether we end up working together or not!

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about me... I look forward to getting to know you too and how I can help you with your website project!

To your web business success,

~Alex :)

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