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Is Your Budget Tight?
Make Your Own Website!

That’s right. Make your own website, build a growing income-generating business online, and save thousands of dollars as well - it’s simple these days.

Whether you are a one-person service provider, an affiliate marketer, or have a thriving off-line business and want an impactful presence online, the guidance on this site applies.

However, if you couldn’t care less about residual online income and just want to put up a 5-page site to list on your business cards, this info is NOT for you.

Otherwise, whether you’re just a newbie or have good computer skills and want to make your own site, Brainy Websites has it all.

From refining your site theme, finding profitable keywords, creating a growing money-making opt-in list, to key web hosting & internet marketing strategy, creating content--it’s all here, on this page.

If you can surf on the web and send e-mail, you can definitely make your own website with a state-of-the-art online builder that comes with a complete set of integrated tools, like: web hosting, keyword research tool, site builder, traffic building system, autoresponders, newsletter, and step-by-step internet income training - all in one reliable, elegant, inexpensive tool.

Your site will look professional and sharp and will draw an ever-growing number of free, targeted visitors interested in what you have to say or sell.

Make Your Own Website Essentials

Here are the essential tools and learning guides that will greatly help you when building and publishing your own site:

All-in-One Site-builder, Web Hosting, Web Marketing Strategy and 24/7 Support: Have you paid cheap hosting and internet marketing strategy so-called "experts" who promised massive internet wealth with a mere 5 page site? Have you made any profit with it? Sorry to hear that. If you’re serious about earning true residual online income, see what website owners who rank in the top 1% of Search Engines results are using.

Keyword Analysis Research Tool: When you build your own website, this is the only keyword analysis research web based tool you will ever need. Use it to refine and optimize your site’s concept, to find hundreds of profitable keywords, and to find your perfect domain name. This is your true "site map" to success.

Internet Branding Effectiveness For Small Businesses: Find out how to boost your internet branding effectiveness, especially if you are a one-person business. The visitor's experience of your site translates into her opinion and expectations of your service or products. Learn how to use personal branding to your business advantage and reflect this through your own site, too.

Good Web Page Design Tips: Use these proven web page design tips when you build your own website and you’ll get visitors hooked, so they’ll keep coming back for more. You don’t have to be a web designer; in fact, it’s better if you aren’t. Having an user-perspective will help you apply these tips with ease.

Opt-in List Manager: With the double opt-in list manager you publish and administer your e-zine with just a few clicks! It enables you not only to build a list of subscribers and to stay in touch with them regularly, on pre-scheduled times, you can easily check the unsubscribes & the bounce-backs.

How To Create A Blog Right Into Your Own Site: Learn how to create a blog when you make your own website. Why are blogs taking the world by storm? If you want a non-intrusive way to stay in contact with your site’s visitors, publishing a blog is the perfect way.

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