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Which Online Turnkey Business Website Building Package is Right for You?

When should you consider an online turnkey business website-building package customized to your specific wants and needs?
Well, typically, when you want to set up a stream of residual online income but don’t have much time. Or, you don’t particularly enjoy computer work. Either way, you can choose from the options below.

Start right from the get-go with a smart web development blueprint and cutting-edge web marketing tools, your website draws free traffic and creates an ever-growing stream of residual online income.
So how does an online turnkey business website building process work? It’s actually simple:

Of course, you get to review, amend, and approve our proposed design as the project moves ahead. When the job is done, we train you to update and grow your site with simple online tools anyone can use--no knotty technicalities are required. We continue to stay in touch helping you with valuable tips and guidance, if you need it.

Online Turnkey Business Website:
4 'Do-It-For-Me' Packages

Want a 5 page starter site that allows for future growth? Go with the Silver Package, then.

Or, maybe you want a basic site build around your experience or passion? The Gold Package is for you.

Perhaps you want an advanced site for your business or practice, to stay in touch with your customers or develop your client base - choose the Platinum Package in this case.

Finally, if you'd like a fully monetized, e-commerce website that can retire you, Titanium Package is your best choice. Whatever it is, we can build it for you.

And the price?

You will find it affordable.

Considering our conveniently-packaged high quality website development work, specialized business coaching and cutting-edge internet marketing training, it's a very good deal.

Take a look!

Features Silver Gold Platinum Titanium
1-year ALL-INCLUSIVE: domain name registration, spam-&-virus-free webmail (you@yourdomainname), high-performance web hosting, on-line site builder, internet marketing manual, keyword research tool, Ezine, sequential Autoresponders, blog, do-it-yourself guide, forum, & many other state-of-the-art goodies
Extensive niche and keyword research & analysis
3-tier structure Site Development Blueprint
'Look & Feel' matching your site theme & target market
Search Engine optimized pages (400-500 words/pag) 7* 15* 30 30
Submission of all pages to major Search Engines
RSS feed and blog setup
Ezine and 'double opt-in' subscription list setup, including all back-end technicalities
Creation of various forms, questionnaires, 'Thank You' and other needed pages
Multiple sequential Autoresponders setup
Audio/Video implementation
Customized Graphics, including top header
Submission of your site to reputable, free directories to receive valuable inbound links
Links exchange with high-quality, relevant websites
Full site MONETIZATION: PayPal setup, Google AdSense integration, researching & providing you with up to 3 suitable, good affiliate programs to join

We handle everything: you just sit back, relax, and enjoy ever-growing Residual Online Income!
Package Price
(deduct $299 if you own SBI!)
$1,497 $2,497 $3,747 $4,997

*You provide all draft content and graphics for Home, About, Contact, Services/Products, and the additional pages.

All our online turnkey business website packages include an initial specialized business coaching session to help you clarify your business goals and define specific strategies to reach them. Also, a final training and hand-off to you with valuable suggestions for monetization or further development.

Are you like most of our clients - who after the initial website package is delivered, want a steady web business growth and a continual online income increase without having to develop your website by yourself? Then, we recommend that you use one of the 3 optional monthly plans of website development and consulting internet marketing services that we offer.

Have already a site that doesn’t perform well?

No problem. We can redesign and develop your existing website according to your business goals.

Do you have questions about any of our website packages?
Contact us today with your question, or for a free redesign estimate!

If you Can't afford any of the online turnkey business website packages above?

Well, you have one more option:

Online Turnkey Business Website:
Do-It-Yourself Package: $299/year

Think about it - less than $1/day.

This DIY package comes with one full year of:

  • Domain name registration, spam-&-virus-free webmail, high-performance web hosting, ezine, autoresponders, blog, and point-and-click online site builder with lots of customizable templates
  • Step-by-step video & written do-it-yourself Action Guide and A-Z Internet Marketing Success Manual
  • Integrated set of all the tools you'll ever need to build a smart, profitable website that ranks high at Search Engines and attracts free traffic, to whom you can sell products and services (yours or others)
  • One hour complimentary highly-specialized business coaching to help you clarify your business goals and define specific strategies to reach them (value $90)

With this package YOU do all the work; it takes time, but if you can focus, follow step-by-step directions, and type, you simply can’t go wrong. You do NOT have to learn any programming, HTML code, or buy any additional software. If you can stack blocks, you can do it!

Take a look at this 2 ½ min. video presentation to see how it works!

With this DIY all-inclusive package and step-by-step guide, everyday people just like you succeed in ranking with their sites in the top 1% of all the sites on the world-wide-web -- here's proof.

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"Hi Alex, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your wonderful work! I was amazed to see how many options and possibilities we have and we were thrilled to read your report and finally get some answers for things that bothered us for so long.
[Update]: I'm working like a beast fixing everything you pointed out and man! I see the results :) Our adsense income grew drastically and I feel this isn't just luck. My partner and I spoke today and decided we love your professionalism and devotion. So you can blush a bit :)
I decided that I'm going to write in a week or two a thread about our working togeter in the forum and tell other people how great it is! Just so you know that I'm very greatful :)"


"Alex, we have enjoyed having you as our coach!
For the past two months you have provided us with key information that helped our e-business get over the initial hurdles. God willing, no matter how successful our site becomes in the future, we'll always remember that you were the one that helped us lay the all important groundwork. You have been a pleasure to work with over the phone and through email. 
Sam and I are jazzed about the advice you have given us! You cleared the smoke that hid the best direction for us to take and covered the pitfalls we need to avoid. We appreciate your personable & professional expertise. Perhaps someday we'll have the opportunity to meet you in person and have dinner together. Do you mind if we shoot an email off to you once in awhile just to say, "Hi"? Thanks again for everything! God Bless. "

Chris & Sam

"Alex, I would like to express my deepest appreciation for doing what I feel was a great job; your strategic site development plan provided the much needed direction, helping me to take my site to the next level."


"Thank you for the impressive work you have done on my site, Alex. I have gone through all your emails sent over the last few days and it is quite apparent that you can accomplish to do so much so quickly, something which would have taken me many more hours to do. It is good to have you on my team!
On monetization -- your detailed report is enlightening. Looking forward to the next Analytics report. You know, it is just so nice to have a coach like you to work with -- it makes my [online] life much easier and simpler -- so thank you!!"


"To begin with an update... We have changed the look & feel of our website with your advice. We're experiencing a constant growth of traffic lately and yesterday we actually made $150. The future seems brighter than ever. Actually, since our income grew so much I'm actually able to fulfill my dream and finish the CD I was dreaming on making. I really have to thank you for your help with this!
We already reached the $2,000 mark, thanks to your comprehensive report! :) I'm definitely keeping you as my coach and also recommended you to my friend who will contact you in the next few days.
Thanks again and best regards."