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Search Engine Friendly Web Development Services Customized for You

Search Engine friendly web development insures that your site attracts targeted, free traffic from the Search Engines. It ensures that your site is highly visible on the net, easily navigable, and visually appealing.

Being found at the Search Engines for specific, targeted keywords means that people find the information they are looking for on your site. As a result, they get to know and trust you as an expert in your field, and keep coming back for more.

It’s a fact that over 80% of e-commerce transactions are initiated through the major Search Engines (SE) such as Google, Yahoo, Live/MSN, & Ask. People search for information and products of interest at these major Search Engines, so your website’s ranking is crucial to your web business success.

Whether you would like an online turnkey business website, or to re-work your existing site to make it SE friendly, we deliver integrated solutions that go beyond and above your expectations.

Search Engine friendly web development involves lots of research and analysis. From identifying your targeted audience, profitable searched keywords, and your online competition, to finding the unique angle of presenting your content, developing a successful search engine optimization strategy and the just-right monetization plan, it’s an intense brainstorming process.

Search Engine friendly web development requires a special mix of sound business experience, artistic talent, and highly-specialized Internet & computer skills. It calls for a blend of broad vision and laser-beam focus. Juggling successfully so many aspects of making a profitable website takes knowledge, passion, commitment, the right tools, and the ability to get things done. And above all, time.

Do YOU have it all? If not, Brainy Websites will do it for you à la carte, or as an online turnkey business website package.

Search Engine Friendly Web Development Includes:

Keywords research & analysis, Search Engine optimized copywriting, Search Engine marketing, site monitoring & analytics, incoming link research & implementation, web business coaching & consulting. We are trained and highly skilled to perform professionally these services to help your website draw more and more free traffic from the Search Engines.

Take a look and pick the services you need:

Web Business Coaching: Expertise -- Target Market -- Goals
Can't figure out what your web business should be? No problem.
Using assessments and specific worksheets we work together to help you discover your passion, identify the unique knowledge/expertise you possess, define your specific niche and target market, clarify your web business vision, short- and long-term goals.
To achieve them and to make the best of your resources (skills, time and money), we create a customized, step-by-step action plan.
♥ Save 15% with a series of 3 weekly sessions
Web Business Consulting: Niche --Traffic -- Monetization
Niche/Positioning: We provide you with a choice of 3 profitable niches to choose from, based on wide market research and on your available resources, interests and preferences. We also recommend ways to differentiate your site from the competition and position yourself as an expert in your chosen niche.
Traffic Boost Strategy: In-depth performance analysis of your website with an Action Plan Report (min. 10 pages) including: what’s working, what’s not, and recommendations customized to your specific niche, i.e. what to do in terms of 'Look & Feel', content, Search Engine Optimization, link popularity and internet marketing strategy to massively increase your site's rankings and free, targeted traffic.
Monetization Mix Strategy: Based on your industry, niche and preferences, we research and recommend the optimal mix of monetization options to implement on your site and specific implementation tips.
Monetization Boost Strategy*: In-depth analysis of your site's monetization performance with an Action Plan Report (min. 10 pages) including: recommendations regarding various monetization options, maximizing the MWR (most wanted response) for your most important pages, your site's credibility, conversion rates, and the optimization of different selling strategies.
*Only for sites with a traffic of min. 100 unique visitors/day.
Niche & Keywords Research -- Blueprint -- Domain Name
A: Research of your 3 potential site concepts and recommendations for the most profitable one in terms of monetizability and market's Demand vs. Competition.
B: Extensive research and analysis of hundreds of profitable keywords (keyphrases) related to your specific niche.
We provide you with a set of min. 100 highly profitable keyphrases, both high-Demand and low-Competition to kick-start your site building.
C: Site Development Blueprint with 100-150 profitable keywords organized in a 3-tier structure:
Tier 1 = Home page
Tier 2 = Category (Navigation Bar) pages
Tier 3 = Sub-category pages
♥ Save 15% with a complete research: A + B + C
Recommendation for 3 effective, SE-friendly, available domain names.
Website Design (includes upload on the site)
SBI!-based custom built, unique 'Look & Feel’ matching your site theme, content, and target market, with a professionally designed website header (includes max. 3 design revisions)
Fully custom, unique 'Look & Feel' CSS template (allows you to implement site-wide changes with ease and reduce site loading time). Includes max. 3 design revisions.
Convert blockbuilder-built pages to an existing CSS template (template not included)
♥ Save 15% for site conversions of more than 30 pages
Content (400-500 words articles, includes upload on the site
Unique, SEO (Search Engine Optimized) keyword-focused content writing
You write keyword-focused content, we optimize it, format it for the web and include internal links
Search Engine Submissions & Building Incoming Links
Manually submit xml sitemap to major Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Live/MSN, Ask
Set up Value Exchange: find complementary, non-competitive keywords and create customized links-exchange request
Links exchanges with quality, related sites (PR min. 2), to boost your site's link popularity and PR ranking
Manually submit your site to 4-6 free general directories, plus 4-6 free targeted niche directories (including directories accepting deep links)
Professional Press Release writing and submission to 3-5 PR sites
Monetization Implementation
Research and provide up to 6 suitable, good affiliate programs to join
Google Adsense integration, min. 5 pages (with existing account)
Set up Store module and add up to 20 products
Set up Store module and add up to 50 products
♦ Each additional product
Highly Specialized, Custom Work On Your Site
Search Engine friendly web development includes (but is not limited to): web-mail and e-mail accounts set up, creating forms, check out,'Thank You' and download pages, e-zine template and Auto-responders set up, image editing, integration of affiliate links, Adsense code, hyperlinks, HTML coding, Blog/RSS, audio/video editing and upload, set up of payment processing with existing PayPal/ClickBank accounts, etc.
Search Engine Friendly Web Development Phone Consultation
Occasional phone consultation
$20/15 min
♥ Save 15% with 1 hour (you can use 30-min segments)
♥ Save 20% with 2 hours (you can use 30-min segments)
♥ Save 25% with 3 hours (you can use 30-min segments)
Search Engine Friendly Web Development E-mail Consultation
One question or topic per email ONLY; you receive a detailed response, plus up to 2 follow-up replies.
Professionalism, flexibility, direct communication, and dedication to your web business success: Included

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We always do our best to exceed your expectations, but if for some reason you're not delighted with our service, please let us know immediately and we'll do our best to make things right.

You can pay easily and securely via PayPal.

If you have a general question about our Search Engine friendly web development services, don't see what you need, or simply want to get started, contact us.

Whether you would like an online turnkey business website, or to re-work your existing site to make it SE friendly, we deliver integrated solutions that go beyond and above your expectations.

So don't wait - contact us today for a free quote!

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"Alex, we have enjoyed having you as our coach!
For the past two months you have provided us with key information that helped our e-business get over the initial hurdles. God willing, no matter how successful our site becomes in the future, we'll always remember that you were the one that helped us lay the all important groundwork. You have been a pleasure to work with over the phone and through email. 
Sam and I are jazzed about the advice you have given us! You cleared the smoke that hid the best direction for us to take and covered the pitfalls we need to avoid. We appreciate your personable & professional expertise. Perhaps someday we'll have the opportunity to meet you in person and have dinner together. Do you mind if we shoot an email off to you once in awhile just to say, "Hi"? Thanks again for everything! God Bless. "

Chris & Sam

"Hi Alex, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your wonderful work! I was amazed to see how many options and possibilities we have and we were thrilled to read your report and finally get some answers for things that bothered us for so long.
[Update]: I'm working like a beast fixing everything you pointed out and man! I see the results :) Our adsense income grew drastically and I feel this isn't just luck. My partner and I spoke today and decided we love your professionalism and devotion. So you can blush a bit :)
I decided that I'm going to write in a week or two a thread about our working togeter in the forum and tell other people how great it is! Just so you know that I'm very greatful :)"


"Thank you for the impressive work you have done on my site, Alex. I have gone through all your emails sent over the last few days and it is quite apparent that you can accomplish to do so much so quickly, something which would have taken me many more hours to do. It is good to have you on my team!
On monetization -- your detailed report is enlightening. Looking forward to the next Analytics report. You know, it is just so nice to have a coach like you to work with -- it makes my [online] life much easier and simpler -- so thank you!!"


"Alex, I would like to express my deepest appreciation for doing what I feel was a great job; your strategic site development plan provided the much needed direction, helping me to take my site to the next level."


"To begin with an update... We have changed the look & feel of our website with your advice. We're experiencing a constant growth of traffic lately and yesterday we actually made $150. The future seems brighter than ever. Actually, since our income grew so much I'm actually able to fulfill my dream and finish the CD I was dreaming on making. I really have to thank you for your help with this!
We already reached the $2,000 mark, thanks to your comprehensive report! :) I'm definitely keeping you as my coach and also recommended you to my friend who will contact you in the next few days.
Thanks again and best regards."